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 <code> <code>
 (root)# apt install nix-bin (root)# apt install nix-bin
 +It may be required to set up nix manually.
 +(user)[~]$ mkdir -p .local/share/nix/root/nix
 +(root)# mount -o bind ~user/.local/share/nix/root/nix/ /nix
 +The package description is in a git repo hosted on github.
 +(TODO: find mirror.)
 (user)$ cd /some/where (user)$ cd /some/where
 (user)$ git clone https://github.com/nixos/nixpkgs (user)$ git clone https://github.com/nixos/nixpkgs
 (user)$ cd nixpkgs (user)$ cd nixpkgs
-(user)$ nix-build . -A gnucap-full +</code>
-(user)$ cd +
-(root)# mount -o bind ~user/.local/share/nix/root/nix/ /nix # is this needed?+To build the packages (from master and/or for development purposes), do 
 +(user)[nixpkgs]$ nix-build -A gnucap-full 
 +Alternatively, select the official unstable repo and use binary packages 
 +(user)[nixpkgs]$ git switch nixpkgs-unstable 
 +The packages are now available inside nix-shell. 
 +(user)[nixpkgs]$ cd 
-(user)$ nix-shell -p gnucap-full -I nixpkgs=/some/where/nixpkgs+(user)[~]$ nix-shell -p gnucap-full -I nixpkgs=/some/where/nixpkgs
 [nix-shell:~]$ gnucap [nix-shell:~]$ gnucap
 [..] [..]
 gnucap> _ gnucap> _
 </code> </code>
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